CartFox benefits and features

Guaranteed ROI, no guesswork

No subscription plans -

pay only for the sent messages.

Lightning fast setup - CartFox features for #1 Performance

fast setup

Download our plugin, enter your user code and that’s about it! CartFox is ready to work. 

Intuitive dashboard

You can see an overview of your stats for traffic, goal completions, and other metrics of your choosing all in one place. Quality dashboards are such a useful tool, as they allow you to take informative decisions.

Lowest text message prices

You probably want to optimize your spending. You’re looking to reduce business costs and increase the profitability of your investments. With CartFox, you can rest assured that you’ll pay as little as possible to send out text messages to your clients anywhere in the European region. 

Take advantage of everything CartFox has to offer

Autofill pre-existing

When customers return to your website, all of the pre-existing information fills in advance.

Connect multiple websites

We offer integration for multiple domains, so you can personalize text messages for each.

Predefined text messages

Our team has prepared multiple predefined text messages that are localized into 15 languages.

Integrated link shortener

Use our link shortener so that the links don't take too much characters in your text messages.

No subscription plans

You’ll pay as little as possible to send out text messages to your clients.

Full customization options

Abandoned cart text messages and time of text messages are fully customizable and country-specific.

Get to know the platform

Schedule a private presentation

Get to know how CartFox can bring more purchases on your website through a 1 on 1 presentation of the platform.