How To Write Effective Abandoned Cart SMSes

Wondering how to write effective abandoned cart SMSes that customers just can’t resist? Yes, it is entirely possible to do so. 

But, first, let’s dial back a few steps. Why would a customer go all the way to get interested in your business, go through an entire store, select products and choose variants they like, only to abandon the loaded cart at some point? From shipping charges to additional taxes and second thoughts about the product, the list of reasons can be long and complicated. 

However, a simple message saying ‘hey, you forgot to complete your purchase or ‘don’t leave these products hanging’ can make a monumental impact on your cart abandonment ratio.

If we were to provide a single remedy with maximum recovery potential it would be a promo sent through a message. Giving a monetary or value-adding incentive to your very warm client who went so far as to decide precisely what they want can give them the final push you need for them to make the purchase. 

But, offering a promotion through SMS can make your brand look spammy. So how to do this without sounding desperate or like just-another-unwanted-text-message? Here’s how.

What is an Effective Abandoned Cart SMS?

People have limited time, attention spans and disposable money.

Your goal is not only to take the customer to the checkout page (which means the customer will have to make an effort to return to your website), but you also need to motivate them enough to complete the purchase (which means they must pay for the order). 

So, the SMS must be worth their reading time and money. For this, you can offer them an incentive such as a discount, a gift, or rewards that make the offer worthwhile.


The anatomy of an ineffective abandoned cart SMS

An SMS with an unimpressive offer, too many words, and spammy content will be ineffective. Such a message will compromise your brand trust.

  1. It should be Short

Your customers have scarce time. You want to send a concise but effective message. Skip the storytime. Get to the point.

Also, marketing messages of 160 characters or shorter work better than those longer than that.

  1. Give them good incentive

The crux of the message is to give them an offer they do not want to refuse. You can:

  • Waive the delivery charges
  • Offer them a discount
  • Give them a freebie  

  1. Make it intimate and refreshing

The customer is likely to be interested if you either use an emoticon, a creative greeting, some humor, or try an emotional appeal. Alternatively, you can make the message personal and direct by using their first name.

  1. Add a clear CTA

Adding a clear CTA is crucial to bring back your client. The customer should know what to do next. You need to have one, clear call to action, that takes them to the checkout page and incentivizes them to complete the order.

  1. Remember to shake things up from time to time

Sending the same SMS every time they abandon your cart is ineffective. It should sound like a new effort done from scratch because even though the sending system is automated, it will hit the customer if it seems custom-sent.

Inspiration for your next Abandoned Cart SMS

And what we love about these:

What makes this cart abandonement SMS effective: Name personalization, pleasant tone, a code to be used at check out.

Why does this SMS abandonement message work: Emotional appeal, a hefty incentive and a supportive link.

What works: A somewhat personal greeting, a good coupon and a supportive link to make things fast. Bonus points: a telephone emoji.

What works: Building curiosity, a good reward, conversational tone and a link.

Inspired yet? Good.

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