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Approach shoppers with targeted SMS campaigns, post-purchase notifications and abandoned cart SMS automation.

Available on the largest CMS platforms:

Abandoned cart SMS automation

Remind your customers of the items they’ve left in their cart and provide an easy way to complete their purchase.

Skyrocket your conversion rates

Get up to 30% more sales from customers already visiting your store without spending a fortune on it.

Save money on advertising

Cost-effective service allows you to target customers who have already expressed an interest in your products.

Boost revenue instantly

Enjoy a steady stream of recovered sales and increase your revenue in under 5 minutes.

4500% + average ROI

The average return on investment of the CartFox services is around 4500%, but many of our customers achieve a ROI as high as 31.000%. 

Post-purchase SMS notifications

Stay connected with your customers, strengthen customer loyalty and improve the overall shopping experience.

Reduce customer support inquiries

Transparency and communication improve customer satisfaction and increase the trust in your brand.

Loyal customers

Provide exceptional customer service, stay in touch with your customers, and increase the likelihood of repeated purchases.

Offer similar products

Post-purchase text messages are a great way to drive new revenue by offering your clients products similar to the ones they’ve already bought.

Refill reminders

Selling a product that needs to be refilled? Your customers will be grateful for reminding them to order a refill in time.

Start sending SMS in under 5 minutes

Simply create a free account, install the plugin and you’re ready to go!

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Support for all of the largest CMS platforms.

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Targeted SMS campaigns

Reach your target audience with precision: the ultimate SMS campaign tool.

Special promotions and discounts

SMS is the perfect way to advertise special promotions and discounts to your clients, allowing them to be the first to grab the fast-moving stock.

High open and conversion rates

Provide personalized and targeted messaging that resonates with your audience, resulting in high conversion rates.

Import custom lists

We support the import of custom lists that you can use to create your own custom segments.

Affordable pricing

Our pricing is affordable and transparent, allowing businesses of all sizes to access our platform’s powerful SMS campaign.

Text each customer like you know them

Write captivating and personalized messages that will grab your shoppers’ attention and keep them engaged.

Use one of 25 pre-made templates to boost your sales in record time.

Better personalise your text messages by localizing them for specific countries.

If you only want to send your campaigns to a limited number of customers, you can do that easily by making a targeted campaign.

If you run out of ideas, you can always ask ChatGPT. It’s integrated straight into our platform!

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“When working with clients, results are crucial to us, so we use every channel that brings us results. Here I must mention the application, through which we send SMS. The results are really impressive, so don’t hesitate, register and start breaking sales records.”

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