7 Strategies To Convert Abandoned Carts

Struggling with a high cart abandonment ratio? A lot of online stores do, as Baymard Institute points out. Happens to every e-commerce store ever. We have put together the only 7 strategies you need to convert abandoned carts and increase sales. Enhance your sales strategy, minimize incomplete checkouts and improve your conversion rate with very minimum effort. Here’s what to do.

Track Website Analytics 

According to Shopify, the top 4 reasons why customers abandon their carts are:

  • Being forced to create an account or length of your order placing system
  • Struggling with long or tedious checkout processes 
  • Unexpected delivery costs
  • Concerns over the security or authenticity of the store

But, reasons may vary for your website. And you will need to understand the user in greater detail than understanding the general facts about e-commerce stores. You can do this by using data tools to analyze their activity.

Capturing web analytics shows you personalized data such as the products a customer visited before leaving the website, the amount of time they spent scrolling through, and the products they liked the most, among other things. You can easily track and understand this data through a single step of integrating your website with a data analytics plugin (which is a one-step job).

Email Automation

Email automation is a strategy that allows you to send automated but unique emails to customers throughout their relationship with you. 

You can define unique triggers that customize and send pre-written emails based on their activity. This is very interactive and yields precise and effective results. Your email strategy can help customers abandoning their carts move forward. 

You can send them promotions and offers to neutralize the negative effect of delivery charges and taxes. Alternatively, you can send them quick recommendations, reminders, and offers that include complementary products to increase the value of their order.

Email automation will also help with retaining and retargeting customers after their purchase. You can create diverse strategies with a single email automation tool. 

Easy Check Outs and Journey Improvements

Is your checkout process simple enough? Ensure that your website requires a simple form submission, nothing too time-consuming. Make sure that the customer journey has no glitches. You can do this by placing an order yourself on various devices. 

Ensure a smooth customer experience and a smoother checkout to make sure the cart abandonment stemming from not knowing what to do next or time-consuming processes can be adequately counteracted.

Abandoned Cart SMSes

One of the most effective ways by far is to gently remind your customer that they left items in their cart. The waiting items can be made more enticing with relevant offers and promotions. 

Abandoned cart SMSes are direct, clear and motivating. You get to bring back your customer to the exact checkout link and you can simultaneously help them complete their sales with a smile on their face. 

You can simply create effective, concise messages using CartFox, these will be sent automatically based on the timings you assign them to.

Abandoned cart SMSes are only one way you can use SMS marketing. For more info on SMS marketing, click here.

Widgets or Pop-ups

On top of your basic e-commerce website, you can add a plugin to send each customer a pop-up. The pop-up can contain offers, promotions, or even discount codes to make their experience better. 

You can use pop-ups on specific products, or specific user activity (such as when they are adding something to their cart or quitting the tab).

You can also add web banners that say something like use code: XYZ to get 10% off. These are extra ways to communicate with your client while they are on the page. 

Display Ads

Personalized ads based on the cart activity can remind your customers about incomplete purchases, items they are missing out on and products that are new. 

You can attract new customers with these cart or product-based ads and it allows you to retarget existing warm customers as well. They will appear on other websites that the customer visits on their devices.

Chats and Messengers

What does the customer do when they are confused? They leave. Any customer willing and able to buy your product will wait only so long before quitting. There has to be an instant or somewhat promising response for them that helps them with technical difficulties, queries and questions. 

A live chat gives your business an opportunity to convert the customer mid-chat and quite directly. If you do not want to invest in a chatbot or live chat you can simply share your messenger details for a quick response or solution.

This is much better than letting the customer get frustrated, leave, or think that there will be no way to reach out to the business in case there is an after-sales issue. 

Having a chat solution in place can help speed up the checkout and prevent cart abandonment in case the customer faces an issue.

In a Nutshell

At the end of the day you need to make sure of two things: 1. That the ordering process is smooth and friction free. 2. You have a way to reach out to the customer directly in case they change their mind or have second thoughts regarding the order.

Ensuring a glitch-free, easy to complete customer journey paired with interesting offers to minimize any cost resentment will allow you to shift orders stuck in abandoned carts to complete orders.

Clients have multiplied their ROI on CartFox to up to 6000%. You can too.

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