ChatGPT integration and audience segmentation

ChatGPT integration

The internet is buzzing with OpenAI’s intelligent chatbot ChatGPT, and because it suggests some cool SMS marketing suggestions, we’ve added ChatGPT integration right into CartFox.

You can access ChatGPT’s support by going to → Automations → Add new → Edit message with ChatGPT.

Audience segmentation based on order history

Another useful new feature is audience segmentation. You can now make SMS campaigns based on nr. of orders placed by a client, time period, and orders only on selected websites.

This feature is particularly useful for personalization of SMS messages.

You’ll find order segmentation at: → Automations → Sms campaigns → Subscribers → Select subscribers.

If you aren’t using CartFox yet, you can try it out and we’ll give you free credit points for your first 300 text messages.

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